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Production of cemented carbide rod, difficult everywhere! Surprises everywhere!

Today we are going to talk about the carbide round bar. In fact, before 2015, China's carbide round bar is not very good, only a few large domestic enterprises do relatively stable and rely on imports. With the rapid development of THE 3C market, the demand for round bars has changed greatly, so many enterprises will focus on this kind of product, including our family.
Just began to study this kind of product difficulties, not strength is not good, is not wear-resistant, or grain size is not up to the requirements. At that time, the company was determined to make this product one of the main projects of the company, so the raw materials were changed from Domestic to German Strike at any cost. The previous vacuum sintering furnaces were eliminated in the equipment and the most advanced pressure sintering furnaces were used. After many days and nights of persistence of the research team, overcoming numerous difficulties, big and small, to every detail, finally in 2020 to make products recognized by the market.
Finally, here is a tip to teach you how to distinguish the good and blank round rod?

Every carbide round rod will go through the inspection before leaving the factory, holding the rod about 1.2 meters from the ground to the vertical distance, if there is no damage or fracture, the round rod packaging will be allowed to leave the factory.




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