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Unstable cutting performance? Try Jat ultra-fine carbide rod!

JT09A, JT102, JT102A, JT12A are the brands of JT09A, JT102.  Among them, JT09A, JT02A, and JT12A rods have been praised by many domestic and foreign front-line tool brand users for their excellent performance in the field of metal processing and difficult-to-process materials.

How are JT09A, JT02A, JT12A ultra-fine cemented carbide round rods refined?

Advanced mixture production and testing system

Each batch of raw materials through strict incoming inspection, precise batching, ball milling, spray drying process, the mixture; Mixture production and testing system is perfect and advanced, through the strict composition inspection and morphology inspection, the quality of the mixture is stable, forming performance is superior to be further guaranteed;

Automatic extrusion system and pressure sintering process

For the raw materials entering the forming stage, the size of cemented carbide round rod can be best controlled by JIT's automatic extrusion molding method and unique technology. In the advanced pressure sintering furnace, the formed round rod undergoes high temperature and high-pressure sintering, which eliminates the alloy porosity, makes the product have good compactness, effectively eliminates the residual stress in the alloy, and obtains the excellent performance of the round rod with high strength, high hardness, and high toughness.

Provide more value-added services

Most of the round bars will be coreless grinding to meet the H5 / H6 fine grinding standards, or further processing according to customer requirements, such as chamfering, segment deviation, tucking, grooving, and other services. The finished products have been strictly tested, and the qualified round bars will be delivered to your customers.

JAT has always been market-oriented, adhering to the concept of "technological innovation to promote development", focus on the research and development of high-performance new materials. At the same time, each production management link strictly implements the ISO9001 management system, and stipulates the quality policy and target of ultrafine materials; Organize and learn the experience in the development and production of ultrafine materials, strengthen cost control, and strive to provide customers with high quality and low cost ultrafine cemented carbide rods.



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