Titanium carbide

  • Titanium Carbide Roller/ customized
  • Titanium Carbide Roller/ customized
  • Titanium Carbide Roller/ customized
Titanium Carbide Roller/ customizedTitanium Carbide Roller/ customizedTitanium Carbide Roller/ customized

Titanium Carbide Roller/ customized

  • Tolerance: ±0.02 mm /as your request
  • wear resistance
  • Certification: ISO9001:2015
  • Dimenstion: Customized
  • Product description: We can produce and supply different types of Titanium Carbide Roller according with yoru drawing.

Product Name: Tic guide roller MOQ: 5 KG
Hardness: 69 HRC
Origin place: Zhuzhou, Hunan, China
Grade: GT35 Degree of finish 0.8-3.2.
Unit: PC/KG Matrial: good quality Tic+Fe+Mo

We could produce according to your drawing

High quality GT35 Titanium carbide guide roller with competitive price. Factory supply directly from China! Please contact us now and get your quotations.

For the rolling mill, guide rollers (also called ring rollers, guide wheel) is an indispensable part of wires export in the wires rolling process, it must be accorded with the requirements of high rigidity, good wear resistance (the service life is matched with the high-quality bearing), good thermal conductivity, a certain of red hardness, especially the high speed wires rolling (rolling speed is among 80-120m/s). In the current market, most of the guide wheels are manufactured by steel materials (especially in the domestic market), which have the weak wear resistance, short service life and high frequency replacement, so the scale benefit of wire materials is restricted. However, steel-bonded cemented carbide has the obvious strengths on this aspect.

Example for life time of Titanium carbide:

Grade for Physical with mechanical properties and metallographic structure:

Bonding phase Hard phase Density Anneal( HRC) Quench(HRA) Bending strength Impact thoughness Porosity
GT35 Tool steel Tic 6.5 69 ≥86 ≥1800 ≥3.5 A04/B04

Q: Can you order only 1KG to try the material?

Answer: Of course! By the way, I would like to say one more thing, what material we send for you to test that will be used for your re-order in the later period. There will be no poor material mixed in the cargos to sell to you after getting the trust of customers like some peers.

Q: Can you go any lower?

Answer: Of course, most of the time it depends on your quantity.

Q: How long is the lead time?

Answer: We keep stock of the general size and can delivery the goods within 3 days. Would you like to ask why not delivery the goods on the same day? Most of the time in order to serve you well, we do not take a rest, but arrhythmias want to take a weekend? We hope you could kindly undertstand.

If there is no stock available, need to wait for about 10 days.

Q: Why is your price higher than somebody?

Answer: At present market, it's not like 10 years ago when we could make a deal at a random price. The price has been very transparent, and some customers even calculate the cost more deeply than we do.

So, the only explanation for our higher price is that the equipment is good, the raw materials are good, the process is rigorous, and the quality is stable. In a word: as long as you accept our price, our products will make you satisfied.