Tungsten carbide dies, customized

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Cold Heading DieCold Heading DieCold Heading DieCold Heading DieCold Heading Die

Cold Heading Die

  • Delivery Time:20-25 days
  • Particle: 2.4-3.2
  • Grade:YG20C,YG20
  • Dimenstion: Customized
  • Product description: The cemented carbide cold heading die supplied by our company has good wear resistance, impact resistance and long service life.

Product Name: Tungsten carbide cold Heading Die MOQ: 5 KG/20pcs
Hardness: 85.5 HRA
Origin place: Zhuzhou, Hunan, China
Bending strength: ≥3000 Application:

Widely used in mold manufacturing fields, such as:

cold heading die, all kinds of hardware

Forging mold and various powder pressing mold, etc.

Unit: PC/KG Matrial: WC+Co
Specification: Diamater:φ2-φ380mm



Technology: All using repair process, HIP treatment.

We could produce according to your drawing

The cemented carbide cold heading die is required to have good impact toughness, fracture toughness, fatigue strength, bending strength, and wear resistance under the wear-resistant working condition of impact or strong impact.

1. Medium and high cobalt and medium and coarse grain alloy grades are usually selected, such as YG15C, YG20C, YG25C, etc.
2. The relationship between the wear resistance and toughness of cemented carbide is contradictory: the improvement of wear resistance will lead to the decrease of toughness, and the improvement of toughness will inevitably lead to the decrease of wear resistance. Therefore, in the selection of alloy brand, according to the processing object and processing working conditions, to meet the specific requirements of use.
3. If the selected brand is prone to early cracking and damage in use, the brand with higher toughness should be selected; If the choice of brand in use is easy to produce early wear and damage, should choose high hardness, good wear resistance brand.
4. The following grades: YG15C, YG18C, YG20C, YG22C, YG25C from left to right, the hardness is reduced, the wear resistance is reduced, the performance is improved; If not, it's the other way around.

The cold heading die is mainly used for all kinds of metal and non-metal powder pressing and stamping, steel bar, steel pipe stretching with large compression rate, top forging, perforation, and stamping die, machine accessories, die core, production of stamping die, such as stamping watch parts, musical instrument spring sheet, etc. The mold of the battery shell and the toothpaste shell; Stamping dies for small size steel balls, screws, and nuts, impact-resistant forging dies and red stamping dies, cold heading, cold stamping, and cold pressing dies for standard parts, bearings, tools, and other industries; Stamping die for warhead and cartridge case, etc.


Grade Density Hardness Bend strength Performance and application
YG11 14.4 88.5 2450 Suitable for all kinds of metal and non-metal powder molding and stamping.
YG15 14.0 87.0 3000

Suitable for top forging, perforation and stamping tools for drawing steel bars and tubes at high

compression rate and working under high pressure.

YG20 13.5 85.5 2800

Suitable for making stamping die, such as stamping watch parts, musical instrument spring, etc.,

punching battery shell, toothpaste mold;Stamping die for small size steel ball, screw, nut, etc.

YG16C 13.9 85.0 2750 Suitable for general impact resistant forging die.
YG18C 13.7 84.0 2800 Suitable for general impact resistant forging dies, hot forging dies and finishing rolls.
YG20C 13.5 83.0 2850 Suitable for general wear - resistant parts, impact - resistant molds.
YG22C 13.3 82.0 2900 Suitable for general impact resistant die and nut forming die.
YG25C 13.1 81.5 2950 Suitable for stainless steel screw mould and semi - finishing roll.

Q: Can you order only 1KG to try the material?

Answer: Of course! By the way, I would like to say one more thing, what material we send for you to test that will be used for your re-order in the later period. There will be no poor material mixed in the cargos to sell to you after getting the trust of customers like some peers.

Q: Can you go any lower?

Answer: Of course, most of the time it depends on your quantity.

Q: How long is the lead time?

Answer: We keep stock of the general size and can delivery the goods within 3 days. Would you like to ask why not delivery the goods on the same day? Most of the time in order to serve you well, we do not take a rest, but arrhythmias want to take a weekend? We hope you could kindly undertstand.

If there is no stock available, need to wait for about 10 days.

Q: Why is your price higher than somebody?

Answer: At present market, it's not like 10 years ago when we could make a deal at a random price. The price has been very transparent, and some customers even calculate the cost more deeply than we do.

So, the only explanation for our higher price is that the equipment is good, the raw materials are good, the process is rigorous, and the quality is stable. In a word: as long as you accept our price, our products will make you satisfied.