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PDC cutter suppliersPDC cutter suppliersPDC cutter suppliersPDC cutter suppliersPDC cutter suppliers

PDC cutter suppliers

  • Capacity: 10-20tons/month
  • Grain size:3.2
  • Material brand: H.C starck
  • Surface treatment: passivation
  • Product description: We can supply different types of high hardness PDC cutter.

Products Name: PDC cutter MOQ: 1 KG
Processing Type:: Forging
Origin place: Zhuzhou, Hunan
Packing: Placstic box Application: Used for drilling bits in oil fields and mines
Units: KG Material: WC+Co,100% raw origin

Zhuzhou Jat can be used for oil, gas, PDC bits and drill in mines, the use of advanced sintering process, by the next sintering diamond and carbide in high temperature, high pressure, good wear resistance, self sharpness, and impact resistance, especially for oil and gas drilling and mining geological drill bit design and manufacture, can also be used for other rock cutting tool.
We can also provide cemented carbide matrix separately.

Diamond composites for oil/gas drill bits:

Type Diameter (mm) Total Thickness PDC Thickness
PDC chamfer
0.90±0.20 0.30±0.10
0808RC 8.00/8.23±0.03
0.90±0.20 0.30±0.10
1303RC 13.30±0.03
1313HC 13.44 ±0.03 13.20±0.10
1613HC 15.88/16.000.30±0.03
2.30±0.20 0.40±0.10
1916HC 19.05 ±0.05 16.31±0.10

RC: The interface structure design optimizes the combination of diamond and cemented carbide matrix, effectively releases the residual stress, and fundamentally solves the problem of lamination. At the same time, the optimized diamond microstructure enables RC to have higher wear resistance than similar products on the market.RC composites are widely used in drilling soft to medium to hard formations.
HC: It is a new generation of cutters for drilling and development in the medium to hard formations with complex geological conditions. It can replace imported laminates. The unique monolithic design effectively reduces the residual stress in the thick diamond layer and enhances the ability to resist spalling and edge shedding. Combining unique interface geometry design, more optimized diamond microstructure, and thickened diamond layer, HC cutting can effectively improve bit life and ROP in complex and harsh drilling environments, and its comprehensive performance is significantly better than similar products on the market.

Coalfield and mine diamond composite sheet:




PDC thickness
DC1304SN 13.30*4.50 0.7
Economic cutter, good impact resistance. Especially in conglomerate formation, the effect is better than competitors.
Mainly used for common bolt drill, suitable for soft - medium-hard and medium - hard formations.
DC1308GI 13.44*8.00 1.5
Good wear resistance, high impact resistance, and high cutting rate. It is mainly used for coring and uncored drill bit, suitable for complex formation

Q: Can you order only 1KG to try the material?

Answer: Of course! By the way,I would like to say one more thing, what material we send for you to test that will be used for your re-order in the later period. There will be no poor material mixed in the cargos to sell to you after getting the trust of customers like some peers.

Q: Can you go any lower?

Answer: Of course, most of the time it depends on your quantity.

Q: How long is the lead time?

Answer: We keep stock of the general size and can delivery the goods within 3 days. Would you like to ask why not delivery the goods on the same day?Most of the time in order to serve you well, we do not take a rest, but arrhythmias want to take a weekend? Wehope you could kindly undertstand.

If there is no stock available, need to wait for about 10 days.

Q: Why is your price higher than somebody?

Answer: At present market, it's not like 10 years ago when we could make a deal at a random price. The price has been very transparent, and some customers even calculate the cost more deeply than we do.

So, the only explanation for our higher price is that the equipment is good, the raw materials are good, the process is rigorous, and the quality is stable.In a word: as long as you accept our price, our products will make you satisfied.