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  • mud motor radial bearing
  • mud motor radial bearing
  • mud motor radial bearing
mud motor radial bearingmud motor radial bearingmud motor radial bearing

mud motor radial bearing

  • craftsmanship:PTAW(plasma transfered arc welding)
  • Material: alloy steel, precipitated hardened steel, stainless steel
  • Cover layer thickness: 0.5 -- 3mm
  • MOQ:1pc
  • Product description: We could supply the high performance mud motor radial bearing.

Product name: mud motor radial bearing
Characteristic: Much longer life than convertional bearings.

PTAW(plasma transfered arc welding)

Base material: alloy steel, precipitated hardened steel, stainless steel
Service: Customized and OEM Application: Widely used in drilling, oil industry
Unit: Pc Original: Zhuzhou, Hunan

1. Bearing has long service life and can be used in extreme environments;

2. Reduce production costs;

3. Improve the performance of mud motor radial bearings.

Professionalism is our greatest advantage:

• Commissions thousands of products for oil and gas customers without a major quality incident!

• In-depth communication can identify problems and provide solutions

• Rich experience to know how to improve our process and show superior performance

Product performance:

• Longer life than traditional bearings, reusable;

• Always maintain high performance under any demanding working conditions;

• Cost savings per well, low replacement frequency and low inventory requirements;

• Deliver superior reliability and performance to your drilling tools.

Radial bearing specifications


Diameter Range


Length Range


Inside Diameter(ID)



Outside Diameter (OD)



Coating substrate most alloy steel, carbon steel, precipitated hardened steel and stainless steel, bearing can be heat treated after coating; The coating thickness can be up to 0.5-3mm (the best recommended range is 2-2.5mm). Under continuous operation at 300-350℃, the substrate can recover excellent mechanical properties and resist chemical corrosion, such as H2S, H2SO3, H2SO4, HCl, salt water, oil and natural gas.

Q: Can you order only 1pc to try the material?

Answer: Of course! By the way, I would like to say one more thing, what material we send for you to test that will be used for your re-order in the later period. There will be no poor material mixed in the cargos to sell to you after getting the trust of customers like some peers.

Q: Can you go any lower?

Answer: Of course, most of the time it depends on your quantity.

Q: How long is the lead time?

Answer: If there is no stock available, need to wait for about 30 days.

Q: Why is your price higher than somebody?

Answer: Price depand on the quality. At present market, it's not like 10 years ago when we could make a deal at a random price. The price has been very transparent, and some customers even calculate the cost more deeply than we do.

So, the only explanation for our higher price is that the equipment is good, the raw materials are good, the process is rigorous, and the quality is stable. In a word: as long as you accept our price, our products will make you satisfied.