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Tire studsTire studsTire studsTire studsTire studs

Tire studs

  • Delivery Time:10-15 days
  • Particle: Medium
  • Size: 1-10mm Pins
  • Material: tungsten carbide+steel body
  • Product description: We can produce and supply different types of Cemented carbide tire studs.


Product Name: Cemented carbide tire studs MOQ: 1 KG
Bending strength: ≥2000 N/m㎡
Origin place: Zhuzhou, Hunan, China
Samples: Available Application: ice racing car/motorcycle/snowmobile/truck/lorry/bus/Jeep/
Unit: PC Feature: Wear-resistant and durable

Tungsten carbide tire stud is one of the major products in our company. It can be directly embedded in the surface of the tire to increaseantiskid ability and performance of safety. The studs mainly applies to the area where the winter time is longer, snow and ice accumulation is relatively thick. It also widely used for the cross-country competition, rally-ing, engineering vehicles and other for complex ground. Different styles of studs used for different tires. We can design varous kinds of studs for any car tires, and ever for climbing boots and ski pole.

Rivet Shape Tire Studs

Product Parameters                                                                                                 (UNIT): mm

Big Screw Tire Studs

Supporting Installation Tool

Installation Effet Chart

Observe the following instructions when fitting your tire studs:

Positioning the studs in the tyre:


1.Never use oil-based lubricants for studding. We recommend using 2% soap water.

2.Avoid hard acceleration and hard braking during the first 100 km/60miles.

3.Always respect the tire manufacturer’s guidelines for stud dimensions, such as diameter and length.
4.Please catch up on countrry-specific/local regulations which apply for you.

5.Drive less than 50km with newly studded tires during the first 100km.

6.Observe the legal speed limits for studded tyres as well as the recommended speed limit of the tyre manufacturer.

We can produce customized designs based on customer’s drawings or real samples

Q: Can you order only 1KG to try the material?

Answer: Of course! By the way,I would like to say one more thing, what material we send for you to test that will be used for your re-order in the later period. There will be no poor material mixed in the cargos to sell to you after getting the trust of customers like some peers.

Q: Can you go any lower?

Answer: Of course, most of the time it depends on your quantity.

Q: How long is the lead time?

Answer: We keep stock of the general size and can delivery the goods within 3 days. Would you like to ask why not delivery the goods on the same day?Most of the time in order to serve you well, we do not take a rest, but arrhythmias want to take a weekend? Wehope you could kindly undertstand.

If there is no stock available, need to wait for about 10 days.

Q: Why is your price higher than somebody?

Answer: At present market, it's not like 10 years ago when we could make a deal at a random price. The price has been very transparent, and some customers even calculate the cost more deeply than we do.

So, the only explanation for our higher price is that the equipment is good, the raw materials are good, the process is rigorous, and the quality is stable.In a word: as long as you accept our price, our products will make you satisfied.