Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
  • We are a manufacturer of CNC inserts. Our factory located in Zhuzhou City, Hunan, China. Welcome to visit our factory.
What is your minimum order requirement?
  • We accept the small trial order(10pcs with one box), big order will get a big discount. And we will try our best to service our customers.
Do you provide free samples? How long can I receive them?
  • Yes, our samples are totally free for testing our quality. You only need to pay for shipping. You can use your own courier account or prepay us.
  • Samples will be sent to you by courier and will arrive within 3-7 working days. 
When will I expect to get a quote?
  • We usually quote within 24 hours of receiving your inquiry. If you need a quote very urgently, please call us or let us know in your email so that we can prioritize your inquiry.
Do you have stock available?
  • We have a large inventory of products in stock in regular types and sizes.
What payment methods are accepted?
  • We accept T/T, L/C, West Union, Money Gram, PayPal, AliPay and so on.
What about the package?
  • We use plastic boxes to pack our products, and filled plastic is shockproof and transported in cartons.
  • We can also customize labels and plastic outer boxes in different colors according to your needs.
What about the shipments? What are your terms of delivery?
  • We can send products to you by Express, Air, Sea and Train, or send the goods to your Chinese agent. And shipping costs depend on distance and weight.

  • Our delivery service providers include FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT, EMS, etc.delivery
What is the delivery time for production?
  • Usually you can receive the products in 10-15 working days, it depends on the availability of stock and the distance.
Common problems with insert use and how to solve them?
  • Excessive wear on the flank surface
    1.The cutting speed is too high. Reduce cutting speed.
    2. The knife feed is too shallow. Reduce the number of feeds.
    3. The blade is located above the center line. Use the correct center height.
  • Blade chipping and damage
    1. Cutting speed is too slow. Increase cutting speed.
    2. Cutting force is too large. Increase feed rate and reduce feed amount.
    3. Cutting under unstable clamping. Check the clamping of workpiece and tool.
    4. Chip entanglement. Increase coolant pressure and blow away chips.
  • Plastic deformation
    1. Cutting speed is too fast and cutting temperature is too high. Reduce chip speed and feed.
    2. Cutting fluid supply is not universal. Increase coolant supply.
  • Poor surface quality of workpiece
    1. Cutting speed is too low. Increase cutting speed.
    2. Blade is above center height. Use correct center height.
    3. Cutting is uncontrolled. Change tool travel mode.
    4. Incorrect blade groove selection. Select chip breaker for finishing.
  • Vibration, trembling
    1. The workpiece or tool is not clamped correctly. Check the clamping status of the workpiece and tool.
    2. The shock resistance of the tool holder is not enough. Choose the right tool holder.
    3. The cutting parameters are incorrect. Adjust cutting parameters.