Wheel Rim Processing Case: WNMG080412-DN

Successful Case — Wheel Rim Processing

Case site: A machinery manufacturing company in Dalian
Our insert adopts a special refined edge treatment method and rounded structure, which fully guarantees the edge integrity and impact resistance of the insert. The optimized, extremely wear-resistant nanometer thick film CVD coating is especially suitable for processing Class K material.
Compared with a Korean brand, the life of our blades has been improved by at least 30%, and the cost performance is fairly high.
Wheel Rim Processing Case Processing Condition: Cast Iron
Semi-finishing / Roughing
Material: QT-H200
Hardness: HB170-230
Client Demand:                                                                             “Increase service life, save costs”


WNMG080412 Features • Double-sided Turning Inserts
 • Deep Ap
 • Good abrasion and impact resistance
 • High efficiency
Results of Testing
Tool Brand: Korean Brand JAT
Insert Type: WNMG080412 WNMG080412-DN
Number of Tool Teeth: 1 1
Number of Insert Cutting Edges: 6 6
Material: Carbide Coating Carbide Coating
  Vc: 228m/min 228m/min
  n: 190r/min 190
  Fz: 0.4mm/t 0.4
  Ap: 3-3.5mm 3-3.5
  R: Ra6.4 Ra6.4
Processing pieces per edge: 13-14 pcs 18-19 pcs
Customer Benefits
Insert life increased by 30% | Cost reduced by approximately 30%
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